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Services offered to Sri Lankan and International Clients by the Datacenterdesign.lk Team with Our Strategic Partners

Data Center Design & Build

Planning a data center is crucial. The components and supporting systems must be planned and designed well in order to be implemented to work well together – which will only then lead to its reliability. Failure to design and implement a data center properly will result in data center vulnerabilities, cost failures, early obsolescence and intolerable availability. This is where the Datacenterdesign.lk Team can assist you, and your organization with our broad range of skilled experts who are thoroughly certified and well experienced in all aspects of Data Center Design/Build/Commissioning/Auditing.

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Data Center Consultation and Design

Planning/Designing a Data Center and mapping your requirements to the actual Physical Construction is key in allocating the right budgets, ensuring that the proper structures are present/built, and your long term objectives are actually achieved. In addition to meeting your long term objectives, another key factor to consider is that once a facility is constructed, as the owner/operator you need to ensure that everything has been done according to the promised standard, and that the promised standard conforms to international norms / certification. This is where the Datacenterdesign.lk Team of Data Center Consultants, Designers, and Auditors can come in to assist you.

Data Center Consultation can be offered under one of the following categories:

  • Concept Designs – Used for Initial Proposals, Budgeting Purposes, high level Management Presentations, etc…
  • Detailed Designs – Used for Finalizing Budgets, Disbursing Payments/Advances, Implementation of Systems, and Design Validation

You can be guaranteed that all designs are done by Certified TIA-942 Design Consultants along with the support of Chartered Electrical/Mechanical/Civil Engineers and Architects where required.

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TIA-942-A Data Center Design Validation (DCDV)

Many data center operator/owners have experienced situations whereby self-proclaimed ANSI/TIA-942 designers/consultants created designs which subsequently were implemented only to be found later to be non-conforming to the actual design requirements of the ANSI/TIA-942 standard. In many of those cases it would be virtually impossible to correct the constructed data center either due to physical and time-to-market limitations or simply because of budgets not allowing for additional costs. Unfortunately, many project managers have fallen victim to this and ultimately they couldn’t deliver what was promised to the data center operator/owner.

Avoid these costly and devastating mistakes by using the Data Center Design Validation Service.  This service is aimed at conducting a thorough review of the design documents. Certified external auditors on the ANSI/TIA-942 standard will provide a nonconformity report indicating the concerns which need to be addressed to ensure that after the build, the data center would pass the ANSI/TIA-942 audit. Based on this nonconformity report the customer can improve the design and then submit the final design document package for a final review. If the documents are found to be fully conforming to the design requirements, a letter of conformity to the ANSI/TIA-942 standard will be issued.

Construction can now start and the data center operator/owner can be assured that if the contractors build as per the design document package, the audit should not show any major nonconformity.

Data center design validation services is also valuable for renovation projects. Either as a validation on the design for a particular sub-part of the data center or as guarantee that the changes to the original design and built of the data center is not going to impact the existing certification of the data center.

The service includes:

  • Review of detailed design document package
  • Report indicating major nonconformities
  • Optional teleconference with project team to ensure comprehension of the findings in the report
  • Review of revised design document package
  • Award of Design Conformity Certificate

DCDV is Provided in conjunction with tia-942.org & EPI

TIA-942-A Data Center Facilities Audit (DCFA)

Data centers are at the heart of any business and the cost of downtime is enormous. That is why many data center operator/owners invest heavily in the facilities infrastructure to support the mission critical IT infrastructure.

It is a known fact that many data center operator/owners assume that their data center meet the redundancy levels chosen from the ANSI/TIA-942 standard, typically fuelled by promises from self-proclaimed ANSI/TIA-942 knowledgeable designers, consultants and/or contractors.

The sad fact is that audits often reveal that the facility still has a number of nonconformities either due to misinterpretation of the ANSI/TIA-942 standard or sometimes due to contractors cutting corners due to costs or sometimes due to bad workmanship.

The data center facility audit is a thorough audit to verify that the facilities are meeting the conformity requirements of the ANSI/TIA-942 standard. This has proven many times to be valuable for both new data centers as well as existing data centers where business managers want to understand the potential risks in the data center facilities infrastructure.

The audit will review all key critical areas such as site location, architecture/construction, electrical, mechanical, telecommunication, safety, fire detection and fire suppression, security and many others.

Data center audits on the ANSI/TIA-942 standard should be conducted by certified auditors who hold the CTEA (Certified TIA-942 External Auditor) status.

Data centers with conformity to the ANSI/TIA-942 standard will receive the prestigious ANSI/TIA-942 conformity certificate.

The service includes:

  • Review of detailed design document package
  • Review of each physical facility area under scope
  • Report indicating major nonconformities
  • Optional Teleconference with project team to ensure comprehension of the findings in the report
  • Review of the CAR (Corrective Action Report)
  • Award of Data Center Conformity Certificate

DCFA is Provided in conjunction with tia-942.org & EPI

Data Center / Server Room Best Practices Evaluation

For those whom the DCFA is not applicable due to the fact that their facility was never built with TIA-942 Standards in mind, we offer a Data Center / Server Room Best Practices Evaluation.

This includes an Audit of the entire facility done not only against TIA-942-A requirements but also against industry and local best practices when it comes to actual implementation of Civil Structures, Electrical/Backup/UPS Systems, Mechanical Systems, and Safety/Security Systems.

While this audit is not as comprehensive as a DCFA it is the most suitable for organizations in Sri Lanka who already have built facilities where they want to evaluate their risks, and also learn how to mitigate them, while also improving efficiency of the facility and operations as a whole.

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